Bare legs and aftershocks

It’s been beautiful in Olympia.  Splitting wood behind Rohan’s house, I could almost pretend that the drama had blown over with the clouds.  It was not so.  But I am more comfortable admitting my struggle is personal, individual, inexplicable. And the sunburn left over from yesterday’s sail with my lovely cousin beside me in the cockpit could not be diminished.

The weird nieghbor who communicates mostly through a system of grunts and constantly wears a leather cowboy hat and jacket passed by the boat today with the familiar tops and shorts on the bottom.  Jacket and hat untouched.  I’m really really curious about what his boat looks like.

I also probably would not have worried about a earthquake in Italy 6 months ago.  Now I do.  I’m checking the maps and feeling silly for it. What does it matter whether I know the people being hurt around the world? What difference could it make?  Am I really obligated to tell the Greek women on the phone intending to play Rachel in a play that I actually have absolutely no relation to the Corries? Am I?

One thought on “Bare legs and aftershocks

  1. Dear Evan,

    My heart goes out to you in your struggles in facing the GIANT complexities and questions, ad infinitum. Keep seeking and you will find…not an original quote. Jesus said that. Hold on and keep on, trust that He knows the truth and will keep you and guide you to it. Recall the path you’ve been on so far. Were those “lifted up” moments and revelations crafted in your imagination? I don’t think so. Hold onto those moments and trust that more will be revealed as you will be enabled to understand. He will keep you…seek him and trust him.
    “For with You is the fountain of life;
    In Your light we see light.” Psalm 36:9
    My e-mail acct. is still very messed up Have signed on to Verizon and will have a new system in a week or so.

    Much, much love to you Nina

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