I’m writing out corporate discerment

Been doing a lot of writing these days but not much of it’s made it up here. Suddenly the internet doesn’t seem so private when people are reading and making comments. I’m just a bit more delicate these days. I’m packing up the emotional angst, demon wrangling and struggles with myself in the box “Fragile” and carrying it under my arm.  It’s a shame you don’t live in Olympia because long distance postage is killer

Sometimes I think the constellation of my contacts here enjoy the honesty of the package, the fact I thought of them to share. We sent out 200 appeal letters from the foundation the other day and so far only 3 have come back undeliverable.  It’s not that people aren’t able to receive, it’s just their not always ready to do something about it.  I’m certainly not, I don’t think it’s always as rosey as all that. My best packages arrive more carefully done far far away from here where I’m shielded from the immediate consequences.

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