On the road again

I’m about two weeks into another journey here, using a day with the flu as a good excuse to catch up.  The last 24 hours aside, I’ve had a great time.

Most importantly, I’ve had a chance to share time with an absolutely excellent woman who graciously suffered through long bus rides, my snips at my mother and other inconveniences for the last 10 days.  Federica is a beautiful fascinating woman and I love her.  I’ll be leaving here in a few days to visit her farm in Italy briefly before returning to the US.

When the sun's not been in my eyes I've been smiling costantly
When the sun's not been in my eyes I've been smiling costantly

One thought on “On the road again

  1. Hey Evan!
    Thanks again for all you did for us and especially entertaining the kids when they were so bored and worn out! We’re glad to have met you! You’re truly an awesome person, reading your blog makes me think even more so! Keep up the good work!
    Rebecca and kids

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