The end is nigh

I’m sitting on my boat in what will likely be my final hours as it’s owner.  It’s sad.  This place has been my home and all the flotsum I’ve vacuumed up reminds me of something.  There’s still some canary seeds here and there. Quite a few pieces of brass hardware from this or that repair project.  Indistinguishable plastic pelletish things that feel familiar on a boat.  Am I really nostalgic about my dirt?

There’s actually some dirt I’m rather proud of:  All the the junk throughout the fuel lines that I cleaned out with Dad.  Here it is, pretty impressive eh?

the spoils of warter

A perfectly good illustration of why boat ownership is not really the best option for me right now.  It took 10 hours of very tight manuvering to get all that out, but the engine running really well now.   I just don’t have the energy.  And my jobs finishing.  And I don’t know what I’m doing with myself.

So the Drifter’s likely to drift along here, headed to a new owner who plans to live aboard.  I wish him the best and know that this little champ will treat him well.

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