My cousin files suit

My cousin Toby just filed suit today against the Selective Service System petitioning them to provide a space on the draft registration form for Conscientious Objectors to indicate their moral opposition to war.  He is supported by the ACLU in this case and we are interested in spreading the word as much as possible to sympathetic people.  Strategically speaking, the best possible outcome at this point is making this lawsuit as public and embarrassing for the SSS as possible, thereby drawing attention to the issue of opposition to war on religious grounds.  So spread the word, my cousin is hoping that his action inspires folks to rethink this issue and make it their own.

Here is his statement about it in the context of an article posted today in the Washington Post.  Check out his site, post your thoughts or support, let folks know!

Dear friend,

I filed a suit today at the DC federal court house, declaring that I should be allowed to register for the draft only if I can do so as a recognized conscientious objector to all war.

And I can prove it, here’s my article in the post along with a short but fascinating video of yours truly and my lawyer, Art.

If you have the time, please forward this link on to anyone who you think would be interested.  I’ve only sent it out to a handful of my friends, but it’s really an important part of this whole legal venture that word get spread– and especially to young people who’ll be facing draft registration in the near future.

Also perhaps relevant, my website,

Thank you so much for your time!