Welling up

thewellNow that I’ve started talking about my town and the fill beneath it, I’ve released some thoughts that just have to flow.

For one thing, I can’t help but eddy a bit around some of the most beautiful features of this fair city.  Besides the Security Building (OoLaLa) one can’t help but mention the much less auspicious artesian well.  This well, the source  late night refreshment after all manner of carousings, community contention, the wettest parking lot in town, a slightly metallic aftertaste and strange cadre of devotees, is totally sweet.

All of Olympia’s infill brushes miraculously close to a fresh, clean and unimaginably cool aquifer. I imagine all manner of subterranean dwarves have their way with it before we get to it, but by the time it spills in sunlight its giving our beer an edge and  putting a skip in our step.  I fill up jugs from the most (un)regulated open air pipe in town to drink on my boat.  When I’m drinking the water later, I feel incredibly lucky to have it.  Incredibly lucky.