Returning to Israel and Palestine

After almost 10 years away, Federica and I returned to Israel and Palestine with our kids and students from the school where I work in Bologna.  It was really a huge effort to make it all happen, especially at a time when we are transitioning here at the farm and have been traveling other places. Despite all this, it was truly amazing to be back in this place that’s meant so much to us.  Our kids, though less thrilled to be there, were remarkably patient considering the circumstances.  We feel really blessed.

Here’s a few of the current and previous photos, before and after:

AtTuwani, 2008
AtTuwani, 2019
Playing with Hussein (Sami) in Tuwani, 2008
Evan, Sami (Hussien) and our youngest at Sumud Freedom Camp, 2019
In Jerusalem, March 2010
With the family on al-Haram al-Sharif, November 2019
In a doorway by the sea in Haifa, while at the trial for Rachel Corrie in March 2010
In the doorway of an abandoned mosque, in the evacuated village of Lifta, 2019

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